An interesting tea

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here's something new: Tea.

I like tea. Loose leaf preferably. I'll drink tea made from a teabag if I have to, but it mostly tastes like paper once you've had the real thing (no, not Coca Cola).

Anyway, I prefer black teas, like Asam and Darjeeling. I like Earl Gray with milk. The other day for Christmas my nephew got me a tea blend I hadn't heard of and never would have gotten for myself, called Genmaicha. It's a green tea mixed with toasted brown rice, and some of the rice pops in the toasting process. It's an interesting aromatic flavor, mostly that of brown rice with the grassy undertones of a young green tea. It's not going to be a daily drink for me, but it's a pleasant change from the normal.