Agent and help

Got Forté Agent? If not, get it here.

So, now what? Need some help? Well, Agent has some excellent help built in. Just think effwun. That's F1, the "Help" key. Agent's help file is quite extensive, though you may have to dig around a bit to find what you're looking for, but the F1 key is the same thing as clicking on the Help button - it brings up context sensitive help for wherever you are in the program. Explore the options on the Help menu. Need more help? Try the Agent User's Guide. Just the FAQs? The newsgroup FAQ, which sorely in need of updating, is currently here. This FAQ has bounced around a bit over the past few years since its primary author gave it up. Forté's own and maintained FAQ is, of course, on their site.

How about something a little more interactive? Agent is a usenet reader, so how about the usenet group alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent. And, of course, you can always ask the fine folks at Forté via Agent's built-in ask-support function, Help \ Post Support Question. If you cannot use Agent for this, you can find various support forms on the Contact Us page at Forté.

Before you ask anyone for help, you might want to read "How to ask questions the smart way", especially if you are a new user. It's somewhat aggressive in tone, as the author apparently wrote it in exasperation.

Please do not ask me directly for technical support for Agent or Free Agent, you won't get it. This is my personal site, and any email address you may find here for me is my personal email.

Add on utilities

This is a listing with descriptions of applications that work with Agent, some are designed specifically for Agent, some just work with it. Note: I have not used most of these. I have virus scanned them, and so far as I can tell, they are clean.

Listed items that are available elsewhere are linked to their own sites. Listed items that have been completely orphaned or otherwise have no site of their own are on my server.

Disclaimer of Warranty:
Information about and availability of Agent and Free Agent add-on software utilities are provided for your information and convenience only. Neither Forte nor this site's owner provide technical support for these utilities, warrant their fitness for use, or warrant that they are free of errors that could adversely affect the operation of your computer. Neither Forte Internet Software nor this site's owner is liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any nature or for any reason arising out of the use of these unsupported software utilities. Any questions about the use of these programs will need to be addressed with the program's own author or developer or in alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent

Name Description
Agent Folder Sort Sorts Agent 3's folders into alphabetical order. NOTE: You will need to install additional software to run this! Details are in the included readme.txt file. Read it!
Agent Folders Prints a listing of Agent 3's folders, with their basenames. NOTE: You will need to install additional software to run this! Details are in the included readme.txt file. Read it!
Filter utils Exports and imports Agent filters. Versions for Agent 1&2, and for Agent 3. NOTE: You will need to install additional software to run this! Details are in the included readme.txt file. Read it!
Agent SendTo A utility to add a Send To Agent command to Windows Explorer's right-click menu, works starting a new email or usenet message. Note that it can only start a new message, not append to an existing open composition. Site is in both Italian and English. Click on the "Software" link near the top of the page.
XP manifest for Agent A manifest file for XP users to make Agent's toolbars follow your XP theme. Simply unzip into your Agent program directory. Not needed with 3.1 or 3.2, as Agent now ships with an XP manifest file.
Agent Watch Checks for Agent errors and restarts up to five selected tasks. Can also restart a closed dial up connection. Not really needed with 3.x, with Agent's vastly improved task management.
Agent Task Monitor Checks for Agent errors and restarts downloads. Probably not compatible with version 3. I have not checked.
Agent Global Search Global searching is included in the trial and registered modes of Agent. However, it is not available in Free Agent. This adds that functionality. Requires the Visual Basic 4 runtime libraries, available here. Probably not compatible with version 3, I have not checked.
Agent Group Order Rearranges your groups and folders list, among other things. Read all of the documentation, including its ini file. I use it. Requires the Visual Basic 4 runtime libraries, available here. Incompatible with version 3. Also not needed with version 3 for its stated purpose.
Agent Group Recover Extracts the contents of your Agent database to text files. Useful for archival purposes or database recovery in case your database gets corrupted. I use it. Requires the Visual Basic 4 runtime libraries, available here. Not fully compatible with version 3. It won't break anything, it just won't extract much, if anything.
Agent Post Post multiple files with the same subject line and sequential numbers. Requires msvbvm50.dll. If this file is not already on your system, you can download it here.
Agent Post Direct Write Sends multiple files to be posted to Agent's Outbox. Probably not compatible with version 3, as there is no more separately named outbox folder to write to.
Enhanced Agent Task Monitor An enhanced version of Agent Task Monitor, written by someone else.
Outlook to Agent Converts Outlook email data and address book entries to files usable by Agent.
Terselog Converts the time-tics in Agent's log to human-readable time stamps.
Random Taglines A tagline database manager, supports multiple databases simultaneously, randomly picks one from each and creates multiple sig files you can choose from with Agent.