How a Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just about anything | Ars Technica

Quick synopsis:  The case in question is about a person who is importing "gray market" textbooks published by an American publisher and sold overseas for significantly less than what they sell the same books for domestically.  He is re-importing them to the United States and reselling them at a profit, while still maintaining a sizable price difference to the customer.

Copyright issues to the side for the moment, doesn't this mean that the publisher is severely overcharging for these books in the United States if they can manage to sell them overseas at a steep price differential?

Here's the article:

How a Supreme Court ruling may stop you from reselling just about anything | Ars Technica.


Security vulnerability in Java to remain unfixed until February?

According to several sources, there is a critical security flaw in all versions of Oracle Java that was discovered in September, that Oracle is declining to fix until February. There are no known actual exploits using it, but still... many security sites are recommending that users disable Java in their web browsers because of this.

Some sites with technogeek info about the issue are: @RISK: The Consensus Security Vulnerability Alert, Kaspersky Lab's ThreatPost, and's Full Disclosure.

What I find depressing about this isn't that there is a found security flaw, but that Oracle is refusing to fix it. Reportedly, their stated reason is that the report came too late for them to include the fix in their most recent update and that it would take months of research, development and testing to prove a fix. Yet the guy who found and reported the issue to them included a fix in his report, a fix that he said took him about a half hour to code and prove.

How to disable Java (note, not JavaScript which is completely different) depends on your browser.

In Firefox, it's a Plugin accessed via the AddOns section. Just click on the Firefox button and select AddOns, then Plugins and locate Java(TM) Platform and disable it.

In Chrome, type chrome:plugins into the address bar, scroll down and click the Disable link for Java.

In Internet Explorer 9, click on Tools, Manage Add-Ons, select Java(TM) SSV Plugin and disable it. If there are more than one and the other(s) do not automatically also disable, disable those too.

Note that this may brake some web pages. There are many legitimate reasons to have Java in web pages. If disabling Java in your browser does break things you regularly use, you can re-enable it by going back to where you disabled it and enable it again.

New site!

I finally did it, I've been thinking about installing some blogging software on my site for a while now, and finally did it.  This is WordPress, self-hosted on my own domain.  I decided to do this partly as a way to keep myself busy while I look for work, and partly as something I can maybe leverage in the future as accomplishments, etc.

Expect the layout and appearance to change periodically for a while as I play with the site.

Anyway, the content in here will be whatever strikes my fancy.  It could be info on my current job search and the almost-certainty of a corresponding search for a new place to live (so I won't have a long commute), photos I've taken, or my personal commentary on anything.

Comments are (should be) active, and at least for now I'm using the built-in commenting system.